Early Talent Solutions

Our Purpose-preneur Milestones can be implemented for your grad schemes and entry- to mid-level employees. 
  • Significantly increase engagement
  • Retain talent longer
  • Support mental health of your employees
  • Become a truly equal-access company by going beyond age, gender, race, past job titles or school diplomas to measure potential and place the right people in the right roles

    Record higher performance and greater job satisfaction
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Enable your employees to take ownership of their growth

Purpose-preneur milestones

Strangest performance is driven by purpose. The best performing organisations are driven by people on a mission to create positive impact, fulfilled, balanced and focused. Enable them to find purpose and build a bond with your organisation stronger than anything.

Dynamic development planning

Nothing static makes sense anymore. By giving your employees the control of their growth, enabling them to do it in a healthy, aligned to your business strategy way, they evolve faster. You create a self-fuelling ecosystem where both you grow by growing your people.

Mental Health integrated in development

Work-life balance is the best example that mental health is not easy at all. If we expect our employees to be at their best, we need to ensure they know how and have time to be well mentally. Our development approach fully integrates this aspect to help your people maximise their potential.

Targeted to millennials & gen Z approach

Culturally nuanced, generation-adapted, engaging - these will make your company future-proof, your workforce relevant and working for you desirable. 

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