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Here, at Creative Brain, we take pride in close to 100% success rate but it comes at cost, and money is not what we mean here. It's important you start your course when you're ready for it. There is no one-size fits all solution when it comes to maximising your potential and achieving professional success. This is why we have 3 subscriptions targeted to the stage of development you're at.

Each subscription gives you full access to Purpose-preneur course. Sneak peek below  
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What are Purpose-preneur Milestones?

Like belts in karate, Purpose-preneur milestones set the standard globally for measuring future potential, leadership capabilities and holistic growth
The #1 Process to Land a dream job/long-due promotion or change career entirely minimising the risk with highly-targeted development plan adjusted uniquely to you
Each milestone represents a tangible improvement in your skills and certifies your professional progress
Find your Purpose, manage your emotions and development effectively and maximise your potential

For all the individualists. You can also grow on your own  

Frequently asked questions

What course should I start from?

Each course addresses specific development goals. If you're just starting your journey with Creative Brain and you are serious about your career progression, we advice you start from Purpose-preneur level 1. It truly redefines the way we approach professional development and prepares you for a journey that will not be easy at all but sure can change your life. 

If you have been growing with us for some time now and you're looking to speed things up or learn something completely new, be sure to read the objectives of each course. Should you be still unsure, better message our Development Strategist for a second opinion. You, achieving your version of success, is our priority. This is why, an assigned to you Development Strategist will always have your back and support you in staying on track. You can contact him/her by following this path after login: MY RESOURCES > NEED MORE SUPPORT

Are your courses relevant post-pandemic? 

We walk the talk and just as we do with our development strategy, we revise your curriculum every 3 months. In today's world only dynamic strategies enable you to thrive. Additionally, we are all about accelerating, so being most optimal. Now imagine you have learnt something or understood a crucial concept but you wait 1 year to the next performance review to apply that knowledge to your development plan? Silly. Your career planning needs to not only be holistic but evolve with you and the world. We got you.

How long does one course take?

Each course takes a specific amount of time. It may vary depending on the course itself. We indicate how long a particular course takes on the top of each course's page. The time is given in weeks. You need to complete all assignments each week, otherwise it will count as late submission and your score may be lower. Which day and how long you will be watching the sessions, studying or completing the exercises is up to you. 

For courses with group learning, there will be specific dates and times scheduled for some sessions. For all the remaining content, you decide when to complete it as long as you keep it within a week's range. 

For subscriptions with coaching or counselling support, you will have the flexibility to choose dates/times for 1-1 sessions. Your coach or our psychologist (for counselling sessions) may advise on frequency of these for the most optimal results.

How long does it take to complete all 5 levels of Purpose-preneur journey?

That is a great question! We mean business here. How long does it take to get a black belt in karate? The thing is, Purpose-preneur curriculum develop skills, mindsets and approaches that are markers for top two levels of leadership development. Each Purpose-preneur milestone (each course) brings you closer to live your purpose, remain authentic and balanced. This is not a simple task. We collaborate with global leaders for setting an international standard for measuring the future potential in a holistic way, so that when you go to the other side of the world and meet a person that has passed their 3rd milestone, say, just like you, it will be your peer in terms of holistic growth.

Do I learn alone or in a classroom?

That depends on the subscription you choose. We deeply believe in the power of cross-pollination of thought and where it makes sense, we complement the course with live sessions or group work. Nonetheless, to upkeep the highest standard, these sessions are available in the premium subscription.

What can I use Purpose-preneur certificate for?

We are working with a number of partners and organisations to recognise Purpose-preneur milestones as indicator of future potential. You can add the certificate to LinkedIn and mention it in your resume. Once you complete the course successfully, we accredit these skills.

Do you offer payment plans?

We definitely do. We decided to offer monthly subscriptions so that the payment is not such a strain on your budget and we do not have to compromise the value we want to provide you with. 

What if I don't pass the final exam? Will I still get a certificate?

No. We are redefining the way we measure potential globally and that needs to be followed by rigour and the highest standards. You need to complete successfully all assignments within each course + pass the final assessment. Nonetheless, once you earn the certificate, let us tell you, it feels amazing! 

In case you completed all your coursework, but the final assessment proven to be a challenge, you will be able to schedule a retake. There is only 1 retake possible, but should that be the case, an assigned to you Development Strategist will contact you to support your preparation efforts. 
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