19th April 2021

  • Duration

    5 modules

  • Video

    5+ hours

  • FOR WHO?

    Early- to mid-stage
    • working for a company
    • scaling own business

  • Tools

    Career control centre

  • Learners


Level 1: Getting ready to create impact and accelerate your progress

  • Become future-proof & focused
  • Define your Purpose & Create impact 
  • Start feeling fulfilled with your life and gain balance

It's time to heighten your self-awareness and become unstoppable.

Who is this course for?

I have just started my first leadership role and it's harder than I thought. I want to be the best team leader I can and this course did just that for me. I understood where my gaps are and what skills will make me get the next promotion.
/Nick, 28
I come from a country where there are not many opportunities. This course helped me understand how to design my success. I run a business and now I can maximise my potential more effectively and build a professional brand faster while being completely authentic. I'm in control now.
/blessings, 34
Every graduate or soon-to be graduate! It helped me define what I actually want and how to get there. It's crazy how powerful clarity is! If you are not sure what next in your professional or personal life, this course is a gem. I actually feel happier and like I know how to get my dream job now.
/Sophie, 24


  • 5 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 340 Questions
  • 28 Videos
  • 5 Workbooks  + additional reading materials & tools

Become truly Purpose-driven

  • understand how having a Purpose can increase your well-being and professional performance
  • learn the science behind self-transcending purpose effect that maps to two highest stages of leadership development, achieved only by about 10% of world's best leaders
  • break out of a fitting-in mindset & draft your definition of success

Accelerate your growth

  • heighten your self-awareness significantly in preparation to craft a highly-targeted development plan for yourself to accelerate your career
  • build systems thinking foundations to create more impact
  • become Opinion Literate and understand what future-proofing skills will make you lifelong employable and allow to stay professionally relevant
Easy as one, two, three

Chose for comprehensive support

Chasing the dream job.

Perfect choice for a student or recent graduate. Discover what it is you want to do in life through Purpose-preneur milestone framework and prepare solid to get the job you want. You'll work with a dedicated Development Strategist to secure interviews and wow the future employer. In parallel, you'll be developing future-proofing skills crucial to become a leader one day.
  • Purpose-preneur course
  • 1 session/month with a dedicated Development Strategist
  • Targeted interview prep with experienced headhunter + resume advice

Promotion it is!

Do you think you can more? Are you ready for the next step? This is a plan for you. Turn into a high-performer: purpose-driven, focused, yet balanced. We'll help you align to your purpose, design highly targeted, dynamic development path focused on future-proofing skills and get you that promotion. It's an intense path, are you ready for a challenge?
  • Purpose-preneur course
  • 2 sessions/month with a dedicated Development Strategist & Leadership Coach
  • Promotion/job change strategy

Sort myself first.

Great if you're currently struggling with any mental health challenges. Our approach allows for complete integration of mental health into your career advancement planning and working with both Development Strategist & a Psychologist, you're building core mental muscles wasting no time in your career advancement. Isn't it time to do it right?
  • Purpose-preneur course
  • 1 session/month with a dedicated Development Strategist
  • 2 counseling sessions a month available for flexible booking with a dedicated Psychologist in alignment to your career strategy

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Meet the instructorS
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🧠 Absolutely nuts for development 
💪 On a mission to equalise access to opportunities for those forgotten by privilege; proud Immigrant
👣 Setting foundations for Holistic Development & Potential Assessment

Proud of:
  • The youngest PCC Certified Coach worldwide
  • Named 1 of 20 women in business to watch in 2021 by IsightSuccess 
  • T500 Shortlisted - the most promising minds in digital space in the Netherlands under 26, in 2018 & 2019 (now too old 😅)

Fascinated by:
  • The science behind maximising potential
  • Employee engagement 
  • Cross-cultural communication

In the past life:
  • Ex-Consultant at Heidrick&Struggles, global executive search and leadership consulting firm | based across Amsterdam Innovation Centre, London & NYC
  • Director of Training Europe | Coach Masters Academy
  • Hult International Business School | Masters in International Business
  • Bachelors in Asian Business Studies | specialisation in Strategic Management
Meet the instructorS
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Edith Njage

🌍 Worked with over 70 cultures
💪 Social and Serial Entrepreneur 
👣 Mentor to 3,656 young people in Africa as the Director of Westlands Job Creation LTD which has managed to create tens of thousands of jobs in 12 African countries🌍 Worked with over 70 cultures

Proud of:
  • Being a Co-Founder and current CEO of Arielle for Africa LTD
  • An associate member title of Association of Business Executives
Fascinated by:
  • Helping the young people 
  • Entrepreneurship
In the past life:
  • Master of Science in International Business with a major in Disruptive Innovation and a Master of Science in Finance, both from Hult International Business School
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance and a Bachelor in Business Management with a major in Economics.

Maria Ampatzidou

Special guest
Clinical Psychologist
Director BrainMindful
🧠 Participated in innovative research on the digitalisation of mental health
👩🏻‍⚕️ Worked as a Clinical Psychologist 
Proud of:
  • Combining a set skill based on clinical and research experience
  • Volunteering with Amnesty International Leiden on Human Right issues
  • Advocating Mental Health issues through my work
Fascinated by:
  • Equalising access to Mental Health
  • Human behaviour in systemic settings 
  • Neuroscience Research
In the past life:
  • Master of Science in Psychology with specialisation in Clinical Neuropsychology, from Leiden University of the Netherlands
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

5 levels to living your Purpose

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Course features
  • Accredited Certificate
  • Designed by Creative Brain
  • Level: From Scratch
  • Video time: 5+ hours
  • Study: 2 hrs/week
You are at the doorstep of the Future of Talent where the successful leaders will be Opinion Literate; where people will be developing holistically and Purpose is be the most powerful force to create impact. The levels are the new standard to measure your potential, stand proof that you are purpose-driven, take ownership of your own development and have future-proof skills to be a thriving professional.
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Certification included
Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one. The skill you need to become a real professional. Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals. Boost your confidence, master the field.

Course reviews

It's not a course. It's a lifestyle.. a philosophy, a game changer for my career planning.
Senior product manager, a leading tech company

Redefining the nature of learning

We mapped the development paths of young leaders who managed to progress faster and create more impact relevant to their peers. It allowed us to identify 4 core skills responsible for accelerating development and then investigated them to the depths of neural processes. That allowed us to define additional 10 building forces that significantly impact your speed of growth.
We call them Backdoors to ChangeTM.

Looking not only at the standard professional steps but pairing development paths of accomplished leaders with what was happening in their personal lives, we found that most transferrable skills, building forces of complex capabilities needed to thrive in such uncertain, dynamic world, are developed at a crossover of professional and personal experiences. 

If personal experiences impact the way and speed of our learning, to truly optimise your professional growth, you need to first identify what are, specific to you, success factors, and then, build a development plan that is designed to make you thrive. And that's the main fault of generic school and company programs. When comes to growth, the devil is in the details.
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