What's Creative Brain all about?

We are committed to equalising access to opportunities to entry- & mid-level professionals forgotten by privilege. We help professionals discover and live their purpose using it as fuel to live their best live. 
Our certificates help organisations of any size, see beyond job titles, fancy school diplomas, social class, gender, race, age and focus on true potential and tap to new sources of talent globally.

//Mary Senkowska | CEO
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Learn how to create highly-targeted development plan for yourself and take control of your growth accelerating your career


Understand a new approach to skill-development that will make you future-proof and lifelong employable.


Access additional to course content resources, a community of people who also are on a Purpose journey, share experiences, build global network & inspire others


Our curriculum is created by and for people who want more in life, who want to create impact and focus on maximising their potential. People who didn't have it easy in life but made it, love it and thrive it.


Our team


Our instructors come from the field. They lived the journey themselves and now thrive through purpose. Across the three core members of the Instructor team, they have worked in over 70 countries, lived across 4 continents and developed game-changing research in professional development space. In the courses they unveil the little-known techniques to nurture your strengths, shape the success the way you want it, be authentic and all while still paying a live you want. They are practical and demanding.

If to make progress, it needs to be with them in your corner.
Mary Senkowska
CEO | Creative Brain
PPC Certified Leadership Development Coach and Early Talent Consultant. With 10+ years of experience teaching both online and on-site. Passionate about maximising potential and employee engagement.

Coming from a small village in Poland which she left at the age of 18, hustled to pay for her studies, continuously finding herself in new cultures, worked across 4 continents with some of the largest organisations in the world.

Advocate for equal access to opportunities and holistic development where purpose is embedded at the core & mental health is integral part of planning your growth. Struggled with burn-out, depression and miscarriage which now are a part of her story and empower her to live her purpose every single day.
Edith Njage
CFO | Creative Brain
Edith Njage is a Social and Serial Entrepreneur based in Africa. Her companies have gone on to create close to 36,000 jobs in 12 countries.

At the age of 25 she has come to understand that you can live in your purpose, have an impact on others and love what you do.

Due to her strong belief in purpose, the mentorship she provides to directly help young African women step into their purpose and her unwavering fight for the African Continent, she goes on to change even more lives in the future.
Maria Ampatzidou
Director Brain Mindful | Creative Brain
MSc Psychologist, specialised in Clinical Neuropsychology. Originally from a Greek city, moved to the Netherlands to pursue her MSc studies.

Fascinated by the diverse background of the Netherlands, she found herself collaborating and meeting with different cultures.

Normalising mental health care is an integral part of the quality of our everyday life, our personal growth and our interaction with others. 

The biggest realisation was that, despite our cultural differences and the ways of externalising (or not) our struggles, we all use similar thinking patterns to cope; regardless of their effectiveness. The way our brains work unites us more than any cultural difference would differentiate us.


Don't loose the opportunity to become happier, more efficient and more effective in your daily professional life.
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