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Wanna land a dream job? Don't know what the dream job is or how to get there? You are so much more than a piece of paper, past job titles, your school diploma or lack of thereof. We specialise in accelerating career progression and helping you take control of your development.
Focus on your career breakthrough with practical future-proofing training
Be authentic & take care of your mental health to optimise your performance & maximise potential
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The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you


Our training is skill-based and application intense. This way you not only know of, or understand the key future-proofing concepts, but can apply them effectively in your own context.

97% job/promotion landing score with our courses + coaching/counselling package is our best asset in showing the quality of our support.

We've developed Backdoors to ChangeTM framework which allows you to take control of your own growth


Having taught in over 40 countries, our training is culturally nuanced, perfect for those who want to or already do work internationally, pursue a career in an international organisation, emigrate or scale your own business.

Our curriculum combines the unique perspective of successful leaders who have come from underdeveloped communities and developing countries, and science-based approach to leadership


Our proprietary research shows that what sets you apart and enables to progress faster creating more impact is unique to each individual, based on both professional and personal experiences. To become a leader of the future, you need to grow holistically, define and pursue your purpose, remain focused and mentally healthy.

With our certificates and support, you are have something to show for it! Become visible for who you truly are, desirable by employers/clients and future-proof.
milestones TO A DREAM JOB
Easy as one, two, three

Choose your plan

Chasing the dream job.

Perfect choice for a student or recent graduate. Discover what it is you want to do in life through Purpose-preneur milestone framework and prepare solid to get the job you want. You'll work with a dedicated Development Strategist to secure interviews and wow the future employer. In parallel, you'll be developing future-proofing skills crucial to become a leader one day.

  • Purpose-preneur course
  • 1 session/month with a dedicated Development Strategist
  • Targeted interview prep with experienced headhunter + resume advice

Promotion it is!

Do you think you can more? Are you ready for the next step? This is a plan for you. Turn into a high-performer: purpose-driven, focused, yet balanced. We'll help you align to your purpose, design highly targeted, dynamic development path focused on future-proofing skills and get you that promotion. It's an intense path, are you ready for a challenge?

  • Purpose-preneur course
  • 2 sessions/month with a dedicated Development Strategist & Leadership Coach
  • Promotion/job change strategy

Sort myself first.

Great if you're currently struggling with any mental health challenges. Our approach allows for complete integration of mental health into your career advancement planning and working with both Development Strategist & a Psychologist, you're building core mental muscles wasting no time in your career advancement. Isn't it time to do it right?

  • Purpose-preneur course
  • 1 session/month with a dedicated Development Strategist
  • 2 counseling sessions a month available for flexible booking with a dedicated Psychologist in alignment to your career strategy
Aim high, see big, judge widely


Are you feeling overwhelmed or lost when comes to your next career step? Do you have a plan but somehow it's not bringing the desired result? Or perhaps you want more & faster? 

You are in the right place. Design an action-oriented, science-grounded and experience-proven development plan. Pursue your purpose, become focused, take care of your mental health and grow.

If you're a DIY kind of a person, purchase just the course.
Complete it on your own. Individual. We get it  

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"Honestly, I was just so miserable before I started counselling with Maria. Pandemic isolation, all the expectations pressure and the work stress made me demotivated and simply unproductive. I am normally an ambitious guy, confident.. At first I thought counselling is too much. I don't have a big problem. But with it I learnt how to manage my motivation and emotions. I strengthened my position in the company and sleep better and I can maintain focus easier. Definitely recommend.''
"Taking the Purpose-preneur course here at Creative Brain has been a major change in my life. I didn't know what is the right focus for me next in my career and with challenging market like we have now, I started to worry but I didn't know if an online course can really make a difference in such abstract area of life like well-being, purpose, happiness..  The course was well laid out and with coaching support & live sessions, I felt more accountable, started applying the learning and redefined my purpose. What I really like is that i have a tangible development plan and I feel like I can move the mountains."
"When I brought my certificate to my manager, she was so impressed. She looked through the curriculum and actually got back to Creative Brain to discuss how we can future-proof all our entry-level employees. For me, the key objective was to prepare for the first-time leadership role and be able to build a high performing team. I doubted that focusing self-awareness first will improve my leadership but now, just a year after I am the youngest product category manager in the firm and no one challenges my potential because of my age nor past job titles. It's amazing to be seen for the whole person that I am, authentic. Love it. "
Lulu Adebayo

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Best gift is to support someone to become the best version of themselves.

Frequently asked questions

What is no-questions-asked 100% satisfaction money back guarantee?

Exactly what this long name states. We are sure of our content quality. Each program and service is based on in-depth research and the breadth of our experts experience. Before launching any program, we also test it. We collaborate with most successful leaders in the world for their insights. BUT.. If for any reason, after you signed up for a course or one of our counselling or coaching packages, you need to cancel, we will not ask, we will not suspect, we will trust that you, being the person who knows themselves best, are making a choice that is right for you at that moment. 

We take it even one step further, if your circumstances change or you're doubting the effectiveness of the support we provide, you can request a call with one of our Development Strategist and discuss your concerns. We want to hear it all, no matter how personal or challenging the situation is. Creative Brain is more than just an online school. It is a community of people who got your back and cheer for your growth, but it's on you to ask for help. 

Can I join the community and not purchase the course?

Sure thing. Test us out before trusting us with your growth and career. We get it, it's a big responsibility. As a non-paying member, you will have access to our free resources and open events. You will be able to meet other professionals on the same journey to becoming the best versions of themselves. And when time is right, you can always decide to level up and join one of our programs.

I can't afford to pay for the courses you offer, do you provide any financial aid?

Yes and no   We offer payment plans that can offset the one-time purchase. This way, you are able to pay as you progress and we can pay our phenomenal experts to continue the research, non-stop level up in their teaching, keep the curriculum most relevant and live a life. Having said that, we realise there are communities our there, where even suggested monthly payments are impossible. If that's the case for you and you consider yourself a determined to maximise your potential individual, message us. Provide the details of your situation and we promise to take a closer look. We do live for equalising access to opportunities, we got you.

I have another question. What now? 

Simply message us. We truly love questions. Asking them shows you are serious about your development. We appreciate and respect that.
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